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Coming to the US as a student can be needlessly complicated with decisions at every step. Gradly guides you through every step in the process and gets you the best deals from major companies in India and the US.

How It Works

Going abroad for a degree is a complex process. Gradly brings all the information you need in one place, connects you to seniors and experts for questions, and helps you save money & time through in-app referrals.

Access Step by Step Guides

Never miss a formality or deadline through Gradly's interactive in-app guides.

Ask Seniors & Experts for Help

Connect with seniors, experts and faculty through Gradly's chatroom. From seniors at your university to immigration lawyers, every formality and decision is covered.

Save Money & Time

Save thousands of dollars by using Gradly as a referral for all your needs. From loans to housing, you are guaranteed savings at every step.


Step by Step Guide

Access an easy to follow step by step guide for all your formalities. From comparing universities to visa and loans, you get a complete guide for everything.

Guaranteed Savings

Use the app to make your purchases and complete your formalities, and save thousands of dollars in the process. Gradly partners with all major Indian and US companies to get you the best deals.

Assistance from Seniors

Chat with seniors, alumni, faculty or experts such as immigration lawyers via the app. Expert assistance when you need it.

Everything from the App

Use Gradly to complete all formalities digitally. Applying to scholarships, getting loans, booking vaccination appointments - everything is in the app.

How will your journey look like with Gradly?

Step 1: Choose your university.

Use exclusive data and information from seniors and Professors to decide which university is the best return on investment among your admits.

Find unique data curated by Gradly from students and universities to give you insights.

  • Placement Data
  • Multi-Factor Rankings
  • RA/TA Opportunities
  • Course Reviews

Chat with a senior at a program of your choice, and get questions answered by faculty, students and alumni.

  • Top 100 Universities Covered
  • Guaranteed Answers from Existing Students
  • Expedited Contact to Universities

Get a personalized university comparison via Gradly. Fill out a form within the app to find out which university best fits your interests, career aspirations and needs, and why.

  • Relevant Company Data
  • Activity Breakdown in Research Areas
  • Specializations & Electives

Finalize your university of choice based on predicted return on investment. If we do not have a data point or data about a university you got in to, you can request it via the app!

  • Placement Rates
  • Avg Salary Breakdowns
  • Student Research

Step 2: Figure out financing.

Instead of going straight away for the immediately available loan, use Gradly to compare rates, auto-apply to over a 100 scholarships, and accurately calculate your expenses so you can plan in advance.

Know exactly what you will spend money and how much. From groceries to taxes, calculate everything and plan your spending.

  • Personal Expenses
  • University Expenses
  • Logistics & Tax
  • Essential Purchases

Fill out a single form in the app and auto-apply to 100+ scholarships and opportunities.

  • Single Application
  • 100+ Scholarships
  • 50+ Loan Scholarships

Upload your loan related documents to Gradly's app, and we do all the work for you. Get quotes from every public and private bank both in India and the US, and use it to put together the best deal with lowest interest rates for yourself. Moreover, get your processing fees refunded if you go through Gradly.

  • Single Application for India & US Banks
  • Hybrid Loan Packages
  • Refunded Processing Fees
  • Student Reviews

Step 3: Get your visa.

Follow Gradly's guide to complete all formalities for the visa and related to your departure, such as health insurance and vaccines. Use the app to generate a customized questionnaire for you, with answers suggested by seniors and experts. In case you get rejected, we also get your case reviewed by an immigration lawyer in the US to suggest changes in your answers and assess your situation.

Fill out crucial forms such as DS-160 within the app with suggestions from seniors. Track your i20 while it's in transit, as well as get help on all the documents you need to collect.

  • In-App Forms (DS-160)
  • i20 Tracking
  • Guide for Required Documents

Book and prepare for your interview from the app itself. Gradly creates a personalized questionnaire with included suggestions for answers for your visa interviw depending on your case. Further, if your visa gets rejected at first attempt, get free evaluation from US Immigration Attorneys.

  • Book Appointments
  • Personalized Questionnaire
  • Free Case Evaluation by Immigration Attorney

Book appointments at a clinic near you through the app. Get free vaccination covering every vaccine mandatory for international students in the US, and send the proof of vaccination to your university through the app.

  • Book Appointments
  • Free & Comprehensive Vaccine Package
  • Digital Proof of Vaccination

Get the best health insurance in the US, UnitedHealth Student Insurance, via the app. Gradly users get a special discount and save hundreds of dollars on health insurance while ensuring that there is no compromise on quality or coverage.

  • Maximum Coverage for Students
  • In-App Discounts
  • Accepted by Every University, Doctor & Hospital
  • Meets Immigration Requirements

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